Ésprit de Combat was founded to make Historical European Martial Arts accessible to more people and to encourage growth in the HEMA community in South Africa. Ésprit de Combat currently teaches styles for various weapons, but focuses on three main weapons: sabre, bayonet and longsword. These three weapons are used to form a basis for understanding the art of swordplay and combat with fundamental styles that can be used to build upon when venturing into other kinds of weaponry. The club provides basic weaponry and protection for beginners, but anyone who develops an interest is encouraged to purchase any weapons they find themselves interested in as well as procure more protection as they develop in skill and fighting intensity (See 'About Our Institution' for more information about the weaponry we use at the club). The club can provide locally supplied upper body protection, but weapons and more advanced protection must be ordered from overseas and shipped in. Ésprit de Combat is currently based in Brooklyn, Pretoria in Gauteng province and holds meetings within the resident of the instructor in Centurion


Ésprit de Combat welcomes beginners and veterans alike, anybody is welcome to attend a meeting to get a feel for what we do. We encourage form and precision, focusing on footwork and blade interaction and the mechanics of swordplay rather than using brute force and mindless swinging. The aim of this is to gain a better understanding of the most effective ways to strike and defend and move while using the minimum effort possible so as to be able to last much longer in a fight. Essentially we instruct on how to make maximum effective use of all the tools at your disposal. The club focuses mainly on swords and to a lesser extent bladed weaponry and, as we are a Historical European Martial Arts club, generally stick to European weaponry and styles in our training. It is important to note that the club makes use of synthetic weaponry and the corresponding grade protection standards. We do not use metal weaponry or armor in our training sessions or tournaments and bouts so if you bring any metal weapons or armor you will not be allowed to use it within the club (Except for perhaps showing off).



Sun: 10:00-12:00 (Can vary depending on availability and other factors such as holidays and events etc.)



Coach Singh: +27 82 592 5693